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1600 Systems can offer IT Services to businesses in North-East England. Each of these services is described in a little more detail below or go to a specific page to find out still more.

Bespoke Software Development

Many businesses struggle on with software which does not do the job they need. Off-the-shelf software might be good for many things, but your business is unique and you might need software which is the same. All you need is an idea of what you need software to do for your business and we'll do the rest - from initial design to a fully-installed live system on which all your staff have been trained. And for peace of mind you will know exactly what it will cost you before we start to build it.

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Bespoke Development

Customised Management Databases

We offer bespoke management Information Systems tailored around your business needs. Complex databases and information systems that are the very core of your business processes producing systems that work around you and your clients.

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Consultancy Services

Repair and Improvement of Existing Business Databases

A proper database design is about far more than writing a bit of code. It needs properly designed tables and queries, with correctly defined relationships. It needs efficient input and output processes; it needs to tie in properly with the manual data you collect and distribute. It needs to comply with GDPR and other data protection laws. We can improve the way it works and also, in the process, speed it up by a considerable margin.

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Consultancy Services

Change management is vital, new blood and experience will bring about improvements within the business. We understand the need for businesses to change, develop, and grow. We also know that the business structure changes due to changes in the business. We will work through these changes so that you feel supported, helped and encouraged to move your business forward.

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Database Repair

Web Branding and Design Services

Our team at 1600 Systems create responsive and adaptive websites that will make you stand out from your competitors. Our designs incorporate CRM, E-Commerce, multi-media and social media networks. We give your website the right tools to generate better client engagement.

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Web Branding and Design

Web Development Services

Websites have become an essential part of marketing but having the right infrastructure behind it and the ability to efficiently manage it determines the level of success. We've focused on making Siteglide powerful and flexible for agencies, while ensuring that you (the site owner) are able to easily take full control of managing your site content.

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Web Development