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Database Repair Regenerate your old database with a new lease of life from 1600 Systems

It seems as though everyone has a database of some description - and it's usually a case of "my brother has a mate who'd written some code"...  And when you run it, you can certainly tell.

A proper database design is about far more than writing a bit of code. It needs properly designed tables and queries, with correctly defined relationships. It needs efficient input and output processes; it needs to tie in properly with the manual data you collect and distribute. It needs to comply with GDPR and other data protection laws.

The following are just a few of the more common problems encountered and solved by 1600 Systems:

  1. Every time you receive an order from a recurring client, you have to re-enter all their details - you should be able to simply select them from a list and all their other details are auto-entered.
  2. Every time you enter a date there is no checking as to whether or not it is a reasonable date.  All dates should be checked for valid format and also for common sense - for example it should not be possible to enter an order delivery date which is before the date the order was placed.
  3. You have to type recurring values from scratch rather than simply clicking an entry in a list, this applies for example in setting the business category for a new client.

If this sounds familiar, ask us to look at your database.  In many cases we can improve the way it works and also, in the process, speed it up by a considerable margin.  We can suggest further enhancements you might want to consider.  And if your database really is on its' last legs, we can advise you as to what options are available to you.

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