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Consultancy Services Helping to support businesses with our expert knowledge and passion


1600 Systems can offer Consultancy Services to businesses in North-East England. Each of these services is described in a little more detail below or go to a specific page to find out still more.

Business Development Strategies

1600 Systems supports your business through passion, integrity and ethical values. We understand the need for businesses to change, develop, and grow. We also know that the business structure changes due to changes in the business. We will work through these changes so that you feel supported, helped and encouraged to move your business forward.

We help you understand that you need to plan and then work the plan to develop growth and focus with in the business. Change management is vital, new blood and experience will bring about improvements within the business. We help you to move forward.

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Development Strategies

IT Consultancy

Many small and micro businesses do not have the expertise to adequately handle a multitude of IT issues. It needs far more than just connecting a handful of computers to the internet. You need to have a knowledge of infrastructure, data management and backup, cyber-security...it is a considerable list. Contact us. 

Whether you need just a few meetings to help guide you, or if you need a longer-term part-time IT manager, we can make sure your IT is a business asset, not a liability.

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IT Consultancy

Sales and Marketing Consultancy

People Buy from People – Going the extra mile. We have a genuine interest in the success of your enterprise and will help you to determine your strategies and plan your activities. We will help you launch ideas to promote your business to the world.

Each client will be encouraged to action the plans as agreed and feedback any problems or concerns; we offer phone support or further clarification via email on the topics covered. By going this extra mile, the clients are encouraged to promote their businesses through our extensive business network and contacts. 1600 Systems will give guidance and provide help to develop relationships with local businesses to improve the local economy. By helping to build the confidence of each of the clients as required.

We believe that through our own experience we can mentor and support clients to see their dreams become a reality. We will challenge clients’ preconceptions of running a business, the processes and marketing as they need to have as much knowledge and information to make crucial business decisions before they move the business forward. Our clients appreciate the help and advice given.

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Marketing Consultancy