1600 Systems - Feenor


When you are the broker acting as the go-between between suppliers and clients, keeping track of every task can be a very time-consuming affair. Let Feenor handle everything for you and be confident that no task will slip through the net and remain incomplete.

Feenor acts as a complete CRM allowing you to manage every client you have - records show which supplier they are currently receiving service from, details of any current contracts, and if they have changed suppliers at any time.  Moreover it maintains a full contact history with details or every communication, whether face-to-face, audio-visual, or written.  Reporting options allow you to quickly gain an overview of all services which are currently being supplied by any subset of your providers.

This was originally devised as a windows-based application, installed on the workstations of the client with whom we collaborated in order to create it.  Now, it is being re-engineered to work as SAAS - Software As A Service - often referred to as Cloud Software.  This will allow you to use Feenor from any workstation or tablet, regardless of which operating system it employs.  All this with a very simple month-by-month low-cost commitment.

(Note: although it is possible to use Feenor on a smartphone, we do not recommend it - the amount of data which often needs to be displayed makes it impractical to do so.)