About 1600 Systems Ethos

Our Partnership Approach

Working alongside key strategic partners, we further collaborate with groups, systems and people who has the same ethos of quality and reliability.

We will ensure we maintain working relationships with all by:

  • Attending relevant planning meetings
  • Communicating on a regular basis with progress reports
  • Frequent dialogue via verbal and written communication
  • Identifying key personnel roles and responsibilities
  • Obtaining and reading relevant publications and articles
  • Share industry knowledge and business best practices
  • Seeking agreement and sign-off on milestones
  • Using shared cloud services to handle communications

Our Brand Persona

  • Clever
  • Creative
  • Detailed
  • Honest
  • Passionate
  • Personal
  • Technical
  • Clever but not a know-all
  • Creative but not wacky
  • Detailed but not pedantic
  • Honest but not rude
  • Passionate but not irrational
  • Personal but not overfamiliar
  • Technical but not boring

People buy from people, so we look at all aspects of our relationship with this at the forefront of our relationship. This enabled us to take an outsider’s view of the company, to better understand our voice in the marketplace.

We began this exercise by asking these questions: What 7 words best describe who we are?

Being creative or technical can mean a lot of things, so it is good to create some boundaries and a list of constraints.

We support your business to develop, change, adapt, and power through the issues within your business.

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