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Why You Need To Build Digital Experiences and Not Just Websites

A consumer’s decision to make a purchase is often made on the basis of convenience. Today, consumers are moving to the online world to buy groceries, update their vehicle licence, find entertainment, and so much more.

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Tips to help your business succeed in the new normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to a new way of life with many referring to it as the new normal. Find out why?

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Tips to help your business succeed in the new normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to a new way of life with many referring to it as the new normal.

Although lockdown may be easing in some countries, many businesses are still working remotely. Everyone is rushing to push their companies online so that they can continue to support their faithful clients and, of course, continue to bring in sales.

In the new paradigm, business may feel that they are suddenly faced with many challenges. We see this incredible leap to the online market as an opportunity.

Here are a few tips to help you succeed:

  • Build more personalised pages for your clients
  • With many brick and mortar companies shut down, some temporarily and some unfortunately for good - more and more are looking to move their companies' presence online.
  • Today, simple brochure sites just will not cut it.
  • Competition is heavy, and the market is packed to the brim with the likes, and now more than ever, businesses need to stand out against the online crowd.

What does this mean to you?

The reality is that sites may take longer to match the ideas of your clients - and even longer to build. But how are you going to use this to your advantage? Simple.

Mix and match will never fail! With user-first digital experience, it is best to have a similar approach to all projects, so that you can ensure the best user-experience for all.

  1. Take sites apart and in pieces to create a customised combination for your clients, using resources and other sites as templates.
  2. Make your work replicable. Find the simplest way to do what you need to do and make sure you keep track of your shortcuts.
  3. It is time to focus on Social Media and SEO now more than ever before. Everyone has flocked indoors and if your clients were not online before the pandemic, they are going to be now!

Online is a busy world, and today’s consumer is a sceptical one.

Overwhelmed with YouTube ads, search engine ads, ads on their typical browsing site - they may not see you amid the chaos, and they are unlikely to go past page one in google to find you.

What does this mean to you?

Spend this time boosting your SEO as much as you can and making it a top priority for all your marketing campaigns, not just for yourself, but also for your customers!

Ramp up yours - and your clients social media marketing. Ultimately, it comes down to the consumer trusting your brand and both SEO and good social marketing will help!

Showcase the value that your business can bring to your clients

I am sure we can agree that we all know someone who’s had to go on furlough, who’s lost their job, or who’s taken a huge financial hit.

When this happens, we automatically move to survival mode to cut off what we do not need. Even those companies that can no longer operate in their typical environments will be careful to hand over precious pennies, even if the hit was small. With their conscious mindfulness of money, they may not see the value in paying an agency to help them move online.

How could you change that?

  • Zone in on what makes your business stand out.
  • What can you achieve for your clients?
  • Show off! It is not time to be modest. Show them how you can save their business and make money for them.
  • Refresh your skills and embrace the new

The online world has become increasingly busy since the onset of the pandemic, and it is a good idea to refresh not only your skills, but the skills of your clients, and in turn their clients.

In today’s new normal, many are looking to learn more, and it is online where they are looking! How about adding courses to your clients’ industries? Give your clients a one-stop place for information, services and products and increase the business of your customers and, in turn, your own.

How could you do that?

  • Create courses for your clients and their clients
  • Create resources for your clients to use
  • With Siteglide, you can create courses that seamlessly enhance customer experience using enterprise software.
  • Be more busy than normal in the new world
  • Clients will be asking for more bespoke sites, and it may feel like it is a lot to keep pressing on. Will your business survive or fall during the new normal?
  • How to make sure you can pass with flying colours?
  • Now is the time to improve your organisational skills. These are the things that will save you.
  • Define your priorities.

Only 20% of the work that you do accounts for 80% of your results. So quit the unhelpful tasks and start spending more time on that 20%.

So, let us recap

How are you going to succeed in the new normal?

  • Re-use: and mix and match old and new ways to build responsive sites
  • SEO and social media are of high priority
  • Showcase the value of your business and what you can bring to the table
  • Create a course for your clients and their clients
  • Prioritise and become an expert in organizing

Be bold in your business and keep on moving forward.

Source: Siteglide Team

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Why You Need To Build Digital Experiences and Not Just Websites

A consumer’s decision to make a purchase is often made on the basis of convenience.

Today, consumers are moving to the online world to buy groceries, update their vehicle licence, find entertainment, and so much more.

It makes sense that, if the consumer is online, you need to be a business that is online too.  In today’s uncertain times, expanding a business so that it has an online presence is one way to maintain relevance - and for any business that is not online, it should be a ‘when’ not an ‘if’.  When moving a clients’ business online, it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of your consumer and to consider the sustainability of the site that you are building.

For our clients, they should think of their site, not as a website, but as their actual business, where they place their consumer at the heart of any online decision they make.  A simple brochure site will get overlooked - and in the long run, may cost. Look at building a Digital Experience Platform (DXPs) that integrate with the latest tools and technologies and that provide the customer with a seamless, and enjoyable, brand experience.

So, why is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) important?


When building a DE, you should consider using a User-First approach that focuses on building client-centric rather than brand-focused experiences. Consider what the consumer wants, and how your product or service will help them meet their needs. Then, look at how you can build experiences, and integrate offerings - all on one site, to offer the best experience. A user-first approach can be a win-win for all parties involved - brand and consumer - and it will allow your customers to reap the rewards of brand advocates, repeat customers and a growing list of new customers.


Today, consumers are calling the shots. They expect a seamless experience, not just for the buying part of their customer- journey, but at every point of interaction with a business - whether it’s an online payment; signing up for a course; downloading of information; or even, if it comes to it, a customer complaint.

Building online experiences that connect with your client’s customers throughout their lifecycle can boost relationships and reputation around your clients’ brands and position them as a leader in their industry. Siteglide DXP can provide the necessary tools needed to anticipate the next steps of a customer, enabling them to place trust in a brand as their go-to - because today’s consumers want to be heard. This can boost customer engagement and relationships, as well as build a reputation among existing and potential customers.


If this year has taught us anything, it is that this world is unpredictable and ever-changing. It is key when building an online presence for your client’s, that you look into the future and prepare for it.

Online businesses should be ready to upscale, or downscale, if necessary and a DXP will allow you to scale, keep up to date with the latest consumer buying trends, or expand a business offering.

A DXP is flexible and ready for change.


A company's internal team is an important aspect of creating and improving Digital Experiences. When building sites for your clients, bear in mind that the best brand advocates are the people that are selling a product or service. Create digital experiences where teams can work smarter in less time, allowing for collaboration and working towards a common goal - making not only a work experience an enjoyable and rewarding one, but also paving the way for happy customers.


Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) are paving the way for the future and will soon make brochure sites obsolete.

With Siteglide at the core of your website, we build and manage User-First Digital experiences - we put the user at the core of the Siteglide system, which creates opportunity for personalisation, automation, and richer web experiences.

Contact us for your first steps in providing a business online not just a website.

Source: Siteglide Team

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