Why do you need to have a holistic approach to your marketing?

Why do you need to have a holistic approach to your marketing?

Michael Janes


Friday, December 11, 2020

Holistic marketing is an approach that looks at your business as a whole, rather than separate departments or individuals, ensuring that everybody is actively aware of their contribution in developing the brand. In order to make sense of a holistic method, we have broken it down into four categories:

• Internal marketing

• Integrated marketing

• Relationship marketing

• Socially responsive marketing

When you are providing a product or a service, customer satisfaction is always a top priority. Internal marketing is used to motivate all possible functions used to satisfy your customers. It is important to ensure that your staff always provide a high level of customer service in order to retain potential buyers, as well as encourage repeat buyers.

Integrated marketing, meanwhile, is a technique that aims to collaborate many different marketing methods such as one-to-one marketing, mass marketing and direct marketing. The main objective of integrated marketing is to both complement and reinforce the market impact of each method.

Relationship marketing aims to emphasise on customer satisfaction and retention, rather than wholly focusing on their sales transactions. As a business, it is always imperative to build strong relationships with your customers to ensure your business can grow via recommendations and word of mouth.

Socially responsive marketing looks to find out how your products and services can affect the best interests of society. Businesses that are socially responsible should always aim to produce desirable products that simultaneously provide immediate customer satisfaction in addition to long term benefits.

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