Social media, blogging & website traffic

Social media, blogging & website traffic

Michael Janes


Friday, December 11, 2020

Most website dashboards include an overview of your traffic – the amount of visitors who have found your website and clicked on your link. In addition to tracking your website’s traffic, most dashboards also allow you to see where in the world your visitors are coming from, what keywords they used to find your website on a search engine or if they clicked a link to your site, where the link came from, whether they visited from a PC or mobile device and what web browser they used.

So how do you increase traffic to your website?

One of the easiest ways is to incorporate the use of social media – create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn page – the more websites you are active on, the more likely you are to raise your company’s online profile. It is imperative however, to ensure that all of your social media pages use the same branding, logos and imagery and have the same or similar URLs and page names – namely for continuity, SEO and recognisability.

Regular updates on social media, news articles and blog posts encourage your audience to engage with your content more often. Doing this regularly has shown how social media engagement affects website traffic. Consumers will soon get tired of visiting your website if you do not post new content regularly to keep them engaged. Likewise, websites such as Google can lower your page rank in search results if your website goes a long time without any changes or updates. Websites that maintain their page 1 place in search engine results tend to be active users of social media sites and post regular news articles and blogs packed with SEO backlinks.

1600 Systems offer advice on the best way to make the best use of your social media pages and can help you set up profiles, blogs, and pages if you are unsure of how to do so. If you are interested in how social media can increase your website traffic, feel free to arrange an online consultation telephone us on: 0333 344 0871