Michael Janes not standing for FSB re-election

Michael Janes not standing for FSB re-election

Mark Coleman


Monday, November 22, 2021

Michael has decided not to stand for re-election of the FSB Northeast Area Leader role at the end of his three years term in December 2021. Michael has been supporting the FSB for over twelve years from Treasurer to Chairman of the Teesside/Tees Valley branch to Member advisor and for the last three years as Area Leader. Helping to support the FSB in the North East and improving activities across the Tees Valley. Supporting the Combined Authority, local councils, business groups, businesses in the local area for over a decade.

Michael said “Due to personal family commitments I have decided that I will not be standing for re-election at the end of my term in office. The FSB has been a great source of encouragement, support and a wealth of opportunities to be part of the business community - I will always be FSB at heart. I look forward to other members stepping up to play their part in the FSB family going forward and I expect the FSB will be supporting the levelling up agenda, Teesworks and the green economy at the heart of their business plan for the area.”

Focusing on family commitments, 1600 Systems and Community Led Regeneration CIC, Michael will be part of the business community but commitments to FSB activities will be limited to the FSB Connect events in the Tees valley and working with a few select groups such as the North East Apprenticeship Ambassadors Network (NEAAN), Community Homes Tees Valley and the Startup-scaleup business support program.

If you want to know more about the FSB then please contact Reshma Begum (Development Manager, FSB North East) Reshma.Begum@fsb.org.uk for any updates. The local FSBTeesValley twitter account will be closed down in December and all Twitter activities will flow through https://twitter.com/fsbnortheast