Cybersecurity Trends 2021

Cybersecurity Trends 2021

Michael Janes

Cyber Security

Friday, December 11, 2020

What a year to have been through. 2020 has brought new phrases such as “You're on mute!”, “How about a zoom coffee”, and with so much uncertainty with health, wealth and safety like no other year, it is not surprising that cyber security is just another worry. Scam’s are up 400% through COVID-19! But help is at hand.

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If you want to see more technical information on trends facing the business community then look no further than our partners ESET.

Tomáš Foltýn From ESET said;

2020 has been a year like no other in living memory. It will go down in history for many things, but they all pale in comparison to the disruption wrought by the gravest public health crisis in a century. The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our lives, laying bare our collective fragility and causing many of us to lose whatever sense of control we had over our lives. Even though we’ll soon step into the new year, the world remains firmly in the grip of the virus, making any projections into the future more difficult than ever.

But difficult doesn’t equate to impossible. One ‘thing’ that’s sure to spill over into 2021 is our reliance on technology for various aspects of our daily lives. The virus has made social distancing a way of life, keeping us tethered to our homes all the while throwing many of our plans out of the window. In so doing, it has made us not only hyper-concerned but also hyper-connected, as technology is now more than ever woven into the fabric of modern life.

This includes the world of work, where some pre-existing trends were kicked into overdrive amid the inevitably pell-mell rush to remote working. Worryingly, this shift helped create a near-perfect storm of cybersecurity challenges, as organizations and their newly distributed workforce had to swim (or sink) in the largely uncharted waters of remote work. It’s only natural, then, that one section of this year’s Trends report should examine the potentially indelible mark that the pandemic has left not only on our working habits, but also on the myriad cyber-risks faced by organizations and their off-site employees.

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Whatever happens stay safe and secure and have a prosperous 2021. I look forward to normal networking in the Summer of 2021.