Valido Software

Valido is a system designed to make the process of Health & Safety assessment as simple as possible.  Assessments are performed on a mobile device which does not need internet access at any time during the process.  Each assessment is done using a template defined by you - you are not restricted to templates defined by someone else.

At the moment Valido is undergoing a design in some areas to make the management module even more accessible.  Bookmark this page and return to it in the near future to find out what we've done.

Template Management System

Valido allows the user to define the templates they need for assessment.  Each template can be customised to suit a specific industry or business sector.  Templates can be copied then edited to make the process of template definition very simple.


Client Management System

All aspects of client data are managed within Valido - who they are, their H&S issues, their assessment history.  The software automatically warns you when the next assessment for each client is due.


Report Generating Management System

Valido generates comprehensive client reports as either MS Word or PDF documents, all fully formatted and including any images you recorded during the assessment.