Consolidare is the job and asset management system every force TSU needs.  Stemming from an award-winning design it has been developed in collaboration with some of the most knowledgable and experienced TSU managers in the country.

No two TSUs are exactly the same - yes, they all manage surveillance installations, but some also deal with forensic examinations, some with force vehicle management, force infrastructure management...a wide range of responsibilities.

Consolidare manages all of these.  Every job is tracked from the moment it is requested to when it is finally closed.  Every item of equipment from the day it is purchased to the day it is scrapped or sold off.  Everything is available in just a few mouse clicks.

Moreover, Consolidare can be deployed across your entire force network with any number of users, so it is possible to use it in multiple departments.  You have comprehensive control of the profile for each user and as such it can be used to record jobs across a number of departments with the confidence that your department records are visible to only your department.

And now, there's "Consolidare Regional Coordinator".  Every TSU within your region can be managed, even where it is not possible to directly connect the databases.

Can your force and region afford not to use Consolidare?  Contact us to find out more, to arrange a demo within your force or to find out which TSUs will tell you just how good it really is.


Job and Asset Management

Track the initial request for a job and an update every time work is done on it, but also the equipment deployed, consumables used, legal authorities, planning and risk assessment.


Regional Management

With just a few mouse clicks oversee the jobs within your region, find the unusual equipment item you need and distinguish between your force jobs and regional ones.


Equipment Tracking

Track your equipment - where and when you obtained it, every job it has been deployed on, every test and repair, every fault and eventually how it is disposed of.