IT CONSULTANCY Helping SMEs to turn their IT from a business liability into a business asset

One of the most successful businessmen in the North of England once said: "don't think of your business IT as a cost - think of it as an investment".  That's exactly what he did - and he eventually sold his company for more than £100 million.

Of course, with any investment, you need to give it proper consideration in order to reap the rewards it can offer.  It is a sad but true fact that, the less SMEs know about IT the less they recognise the problems they can potentially suffer.  Suitable software and infrastructure, adequate data management and backup, security - it is a long list.

We can help.  Should you decide to take advantage of our knowledge and experience, we can analyse every aspect of your current working practice and provide you with a detailed report, including our suggested actions.  Moreover, we have excellent working relationships with specialist companies in different areas, such as cyber security and cloud services.  We can refer you to these where appropriate.

Whether you need short-term consultancy, or longer-term project management, contact us to find out what we can do for your business.