Welcome to 1600 SystemsBespoke Software Developers and IT Consultants

1600 Systems Ltd is a company providing bespoke software development and IT consultancy services, based in the North East of England.  Whether you need software for tasks unique to your company, or need someone to steer your company through the minefield of all aspects of IT, we can help.

It is often the case that SMEs have management databases which have been in use for some time and in many cases these are showing their age - they run slowly, frequently crash or do not provide the functionality needed in the modern business world.  Sometimes we can significantly improve these in terms of both reliability and performance.

Over the years we have developed many software products which have a wider appeal across the business community and some of these are available as 'off-the-shelf' software products.

To find out more about any of these areas click on the appropriate button above.  Alternatively, click on 'Request a Meeting' below, provide us with some basic details and we will contact you.